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Hello and thank you all for showing your appreciation! All artwork I collect is valuable to me in one way or another. If any of you see that there are certain themes that seem to be going on let me enlighten you. Sometimes I just type in something and see what art comes up. If it is fanart I may know of it or I may just think it is cool which happens alot whether or not it's fanart! Another reason I'm collecting certain artwork is to use it for inspiration or to spawn ideas for my upcoming Star Trek 2009/Mary Russell fanfic. Heres a sort of sucky(way too long) synthosis:

Two Girls Two Differant Worlds Two Differant Times:

Judith Miriam Holmes: The tomboy fourteen year old daughter and only child of Mary Russell and Sherlock Holmes. In Sussex England in the days of  the Second World War, Judith is uneased. Her mother Mary is away in France helping the Resistance with some of  Uncle Mycroft's associates. They and Mary claim the war is coming to an end but Judith can't help but be afraid. The young man named Jonathan (whose grandparents were Jewish) staying in her mother's family's house with his uncle is proof of that;a refugeed prisoner escapee and survivor of Auschwitz from France he keeps to himself haunted by his past. Judith can't help but wonder what will happen if they lose the war. If the disturbing rumors of what is happening to Jews are true what will become of her and her mother who are themselves Jewish? If the war does indeed end will her mother even come back alive from France? Judith has made friends with some of the Jewish refugees and children from the bombed cities but right now Judith just needs someone to confide in. But who? Her father the notorious Sherlock Holmes is away visiting his brother for short while, her godfather Dr. Watson is helping wounded soldiers and her older niece Estelle Adler is like a big sister to her but moves around alot and isn't currently in Sussex. Even though Judith has Mrs. Hudson and Patrick all they seem to want to do is coddle and protect her.

Leanna Grax: One of the A&A officers with the rank of Ensign aboard the USS Enterprise. Just a month into their five year mission seventeen year old Leanna is struggling. A Betazoid/Romulan hybrid she is a constance source of prejudice due to her age and her Romulan heritage especially since the destruction of Vulcan. Don't people realize she lost several of her closest friends in the battle along with her grandparents who she failed to save? Don't they see that she abhors those were are part of the Narada and would never do what they did to Vulcan?She wasn't even brought up Romulan. What makes it worse is while not all are judging her by her age and ethnicity, as well as  the fact she  still has three of her best friends with her on this mission including the only other seveteen year old on the ship Pavel Chekov, is the additional loss she was recently was informed of. The recent death of her godfather Matthew Howard a Starfleet records officer grieves her beyond belief. Even though she still has the loving family of the man who was a second dad to her waiting back on Earth Leanna feels so alone. Can she maintain a relationship with her boyfriend who is distance in light of his own loss from the battle of Vulcan? Can she let Chekov in, in his attempts to be there for her and in turn help rid him of his own guilt? Will the only person closest to a father figure she has left, quit avoiding her and let them be there for eachother as they once were? And will she learn to accept and stop running from who she is? Will the crew spending five years with her on this ship see her for who she truly is?

When they met their lives changed forver:

In May 1945 in Sussex England fourteen year old Judith Holmes is kidnapped by people claiming to be a part of her parents past and taken into the future as prisoner abroad their space ship. After being rescued by those of the USS Enterprise captained by James T. Kirk a month into their five year mission, she meets and befriends the bridge crew and finds especially good friends in Commander Spock Ensign Pavel Chekov and Ensign Leanna Grax with whom she finds common ground. As the Enterprise heads towards their destination to invite a new planet into the Federation and find an object there with dangerous powers they struggle with Admiral Pike (back on Earth) to find out why Judith is here and if there is way for them to get her back home. Is Judith really the daughter of who she says she is despite sharing the same legendary obervation skills of the man they thought was no more than a fictional character? Back in 1945 will Holmes and Russell find out how their daughter was taken and go after her to get her back? Nothing is as it seems as the people on the strange ship that took Judith are closely on the tail of the Enterprise seem to be connected not only to the Holmes family but those on the Enterprise as well...........

Pairings include:
Spock/Uhura- I like this pairing deal with it!
Scotty/Gaila- I know Gaila is probably dead but after reading a couple of fanfics with them as a couple I liked the idea and couldn't resist!

Special Notes: I really am trying to de-Mary Sue Leanna as much as possible and I think so far I have done a decent job. She definately has issues, is FAR from perfact and doesn't get along or is friends with everyone on the Enterprise including some characters I like. While she  is not the most drop dead gorgeous person(she actually thinks she is rather ugly at times) she is no Plain Jane either. Also her weight is very healthy for her height and she is all muscle DUE to her Romulan heritage and training she has. Also while I did not grow up with the original series (yes I was brought up on Star Wars) I did watch the shows in the nineties as little kid and I did  and am still doing my research people courtesy of Memory Alpha and Beta. This includes background information on Spock,Chekov,Sulu and the rest of the the main crew (alternative reality versions as well as original)and Betazoid and Romulan culture and physiology, Vulcan culture, the future Earth Roddenberry created as well as Starfleet. Characters that appear or are mentioned include Larisa and Andrei Chekov (these are their real names people), Carolyn Palamas, Janice Rand and Christine Chapel as well as Keenser. Don't think I didn't leave out Judith and her world either.Of course the WWII Holocaust plays a role in this story how could it not and characters mentioned or apearing include Damian Adler and his mother the infamous Irene Adler and Iris and Dan from Justice Hall among other things. One last thing; while we all have heard of Star Trek for those who don't know these books check out the Mary Russell series by Laurie R King the first one being The Beekeeper's Apprentice. Personally I love these books and find them a really good entertaining read!


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I'm a crazy attempting to be bohemian misfit ( without the drugs and unsafe sex) who waltzes to a tune all her own. I am proud to admit that I am such a nerd in certain areas as you must have guessed from what I've collected in things like Star Wars Harry Potter and now currently Star Trek. I also read and am attemping to writte fanfiction.

Favourite genre of music: I like all that stuff from the 60's and 70's
Favourite photographer: I love portraits
Favourite cartoon character: who can beat any of the loony tunes or animaniacs!
Personal Quote: Most adjectives are just a basis of opinion!



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